1. What is Temporary Email about?

Disposable e-mail is a completely anonymous E-Mail address with a predefined lifetime. No registration required.

2. Do i need pay anything?

It is absolutely free! No, payment every required. We finance our service through advertisement.

3. Why should i need a temporary Email?

To register on strange sites, create and send anonymous email and other use that fits your need.

4. What is the difference to a regular E-Mail address?

  • No time consuming registration and confirmation.
  • It's totally anonymous. After the period of use of the mailbox, all your private information, email, IP address will be deleted.
  • Messages are delivered instantly.
  • E-mail address will be generated automatically. You do not need to choose a domain or anything.
  • Mailbox is fully safe from spam, hacking and exploits.

5. Can i also send E-Mails?

Sending email is completely disabled and wont be implement due to fraud and spam risks.

6. How do i delete my Mail?

Just click on the delete button and all data will be deleted.