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One-Time E-Mail addresses are very popular on the Web. For some, such e-mail addresses are a blessing for the others a curse!

Disposable e-mail addresses are temporary e-mail addresses for which you usually do not need to log in and you do not need to create them in advance because they already exist. The permanent existence of such disposable addresses for a particular domain is realized via a catch-all address, which accepts all e-mails sent to a domain, no matter how the local part or e-mail alias ([email protected]) the email address looks like.

Disposable email addresses are often referred to as trash mail addresses, fake email addresses, or one-time email addresses. As a rule, the received e-mails are only temporarily stored for a certain period before they are irretrievably deleted. The retention period varies from provider to provider, at it is 30 days. The used accounts of the Trash Email addresses also do not need to be deleted by the user, as all associated data, as already mentioned, will be deleted after a certain time. It is therefore completely sufficient to simply forget the used E-Mail address if you do not need it again.